Once apon a time, we rented a funky rotting little house just out of town. One spring some starlings took up residence in the soffit just outside of our bedroom window. After a while we heard those tell-tale little chirping noises that mean fresh birds have hatched. For a couple of weeks we were awakened at first light by the little ones screaming for food. Then in a matter of a couple of days they all bailed out of the nest and flew off. I managed to get a few photos of them while they were with us.


One of the adults enters the "nest".


Small heads poke out screaming for food.


They sure make a lot of noise.


Many hungry little birds.


All that screaming is about to pay off for someone.


Open your mouth as wide as you can and try and present a good target for mom.


The payload is delivered.


Another delivery.


And another.


Sometimes mom comes in from an add angle.


Right on target!


One busy bird and many hungry mouths.


The "bird kiss".


Mom really delivers all the way.


Another deep delivery.


"Wow, it's dark in here!"


I think mom almost overshot the target here.


She must have made about 100 trips a day.


We hope you enjoyed our starling photos.
They were awfully noisy first thing in the morning, but they were sure fun to watch.