Busted doing drugs


It's February 1 already, and it's been almost a year since Sophia was diagnosed with CRF. She had to go to the vet this morning and get an exam and have some blood drawn, so it wasn't a very fun morning for her. To make it worse, she didn't get to have any breakfast, and she didn't get to go outside for her morning walk. She was very good at the vet, and didn't put up any fuss. She's such a good girl. The Doc and the vet tech both commented about how good she looked and how amazingly well she seemed to be doing. We hope the results of her blood tests come back good too, and that her kidney values are still stable.

After we got home, I fed the fuzzy girl and let her go outside for a nice little romp. I should know better than to let her go out unattended and run around in the company of shady characters (Maxwell). Just as soon as my back was turned, she's off doing drugs...

I usually keep a bucket of catnip growing for.. umm... medicinal use, and I dole out a little to the cats once in a while when I think they need some amusement.

During the winter, the catnip bucket is pretty sparse and pathetic, but it's already starting to spout a little new growth and soon it will get bushy and tempting again. During the summer, I have to keep the catnip bucket in a spot that's inaccessible to cats or else it gets rolled in and destroyed faster than it can grow. During the winter I can just leave it on the deck and no one seems to bother about it. Usually...


Sophia gets busted with both front feet in the catnip bucket. Maxwell is caught on camera fleeing the scene of the crime.


Rubbing and chewing leaves and paying no attention at all when I ask her, "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?"


She doesn't even seem to care that she's been busted. She's far too busy getting high.


I think Papas little girl is stoned....


How much farther into the bucket can she get?


Everything fits except for the tail.


If you don't talk to your cats about catnip, who will?



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