It's Bella!

A lady that worked at a veterinary hospital in our area fostered kittens and placed an ad on Craigslist.
Laura found the ad and we set up an appointment to meet her and her 16 week old kitten, Faye.
Of course we fell in love with Faye right away and brought her home, along with her sister, Tilly (Tiger Lilly).

After a while we decided that the name "Faye" just didn't seem to suit her. Then one day we were talking about tortoise shell cats, or "Torties" and about Fayes visible tabby markings, which of course makes her a "Torbie". She's a beautiful little cat and since Bella is Italian for beautiful and since she's a Torbie, she became "Torbella". We just call her Bella, except when she's being bad (often), and then sometimes we use her full name... "Tobella Faye, you drop those sausages and get off the table right NOW!"

Bella is our little "Angel / Devil" cat. She is a very sweet loving cat who just loves attention. She loves quality time on a lap and to crawl under the covers with us in bed in the morning. She can also be a very bad cat. If you hear a loud crash somewhere in the house, or if something turns up missing or broken, you can be pretty certain that Bella is involved. You can almost see the little Angel and Devil sitting on her shoulders whispering in her ear...

Angel: "Oh no, Bella, you musn't steal the humans breakfast sausages. They would be so dissapointed in you.
Devil: "Ohh, G'wan, grab the sausages and run. Hide behind the couch and eat 'em and the humans will never know it was you. Besdies, you can always blame it on your sister..."

Ahhh, here's our little DevilAngel now, pretending to be a knick knack on a shelf where she shouldn't be:

And here she's pretending to be a cheese pizza:

She's a smart cat, and she knows what to do with a cold day:

Bella loves her sister Tilly. And they both love paper. (what cat doesn't love paper?)
The only thing better than sleeping on paper is sleeping on your sister.
And the only thing better than sleeping on your sister, is sleeping on your sister *on* paper!

Max, Bella, and Tilly all get along really well. Group Sleeping amd Mutual Grooming are a common occurance:

The Others:

Mr.Maxwell (Max, The Moe-Man, Fuzzy Boy)

Tiger Lily (Tilly, Punkin, Bitchy Cat)

Gracie (Grey Sheep, The Verminator)