It's the Moe-Man!

Maxwell is our sweet wonderful "ex-feral boy".
A large feral colony lived in the area and Max was from a litter that was born in the brush along a small creek near our house.

I caught him on Friday, September 13th, 2002. I was outside and heard a noise down the hill from our deck. I looked over the side and there he was eating a bit of tortilla that had got lost over the side. I'd seen him before. He was part of "The Most Recent Litter", probably born in May. This was the closest to the house I'd ever seen him.
I went inside and grabbed a little handful of crunchy cat food and tossed it over the side for him. He ran like hell down towards the creek...

I'm not sure why... maybe it was the thought of catching a black cat on Friday the 13th that amused me, but I grabbed my trap and a handful of food and hauled it down the hill to where I'd seen him disappear into the brush.

I baited the trap and walked up the hill. Just as soon as I got to the top I heard the snap of the trap closing.
I had a customer already!

I trotted back down the hill and there he was... a small black cat spinning around and around inside the cage. I told him not to worry, that I meant no harm and was going to give him something to eat. The poor boy was SO freaked out.
I took him in the house and set up a place for him in the bathroom with food, water, litter box, a cardboard box with a hole cut in it so he'd have a "safe" place to hide.
He was about 4 months old, mostly skin and bones and quite underweight for his age.

Max has been with us for over 5 years now and he has become the sweetest nicest cat. We love him very much.

Hey, here's Max now!

In formal attire.

Someone needs his belly rubbed...

Max loves to perch himself over a chair rung. Dunno where he learned that one. He's done it since he was just a wee lad.

Running Bella through the carwash:

Giving Tilly's leg a good sniff..

I brought an olive branch in from outside. The cats loved hiding in it !

Everyone loves a pot of grass, but Max considers it to be his personal lawn.

Hiding in the tall grass, waiting for prey...

I think we need a "Keep Off The Grass" sign!

The Others:

Torbella Faye (Bella, DevilPuss)

Tiger Lily (Tilly, Punkin, Bitchy Cat)

Gracie (Grey Sheep, The Verminator)