Here's Tilly!

Tilly is Bella's sister. Laura found Bella through an ad on Craigslist and when we went to meet Bella her sister Tilly was there too. Tillys foster mom thought she had already found a home for TIlly but the people got cold feet and backed out of the deal. When we met Bella and Tilly we thought it would be a shame to break up the "sister act" so we adopted them both. I'm so glad we did! Tilly is a very vocal cat. She has an opinion about everything and isn't shy to tell you about it. Tilly is "papa's girl" and spends lots of time in my lap.

Here's my beautiful little orange puss now:

Giving the cat salute.

Doing what cats do best... sleeeping.

Everyone enjoys a little grazing. A fresh pot of grass from outside always draws a good crowd.

The Others:

Mr.Maxwell (Max, The Moe-Man, Fuzzy Boy)

Torbella Faye (Bella, DevilPuss)

Gracie (Grey Sheep, The Verminator)