Hide your mice, here comes Gracie!

Gracie is Cat #4 of our little family. She is our only outdoor cat. We acquired her when we bought our house and the woman who owned it asked if we would take "The Grey Cat" with the deal. Apparently The Grey Cat showed up about 6 years before we moved in and has lived here (outside) ever since, so she's been on the property about 8 years now. We think she's about 9-10 years old. (vets guess)

Her previous owner didn't live here. She only showed up for the weekend every couple weeks, so The Grey Cat got fed rather infrequently. Previous owners last words to us were "Don't feed the grey cat too often and she'll catch lots of mice for you." Nice...

We changed her name from Grey Cat to Gracie, and she really is the most amazing rodent hunter I've EVER met. One of her nicknames is "The Verminator" and she is an absolute master hunter. I guess she's had to be in order to survive.

Gracie doesn't like Bella and Tilly at all and she doesn't like to be "trapped" in the house with no open doors for escape, so Gracie has (by her own choice) become our only Outside Cat. She has dry lodging in my shop and in the little shed down the hill and she gets regular meals and plenty of attention from humans when she wants it. She seems to enjoy her outdoor "come and go as she pleases" lifestyle.

Here's Gracie the first week that we lived here. She was still pretty uncertain about us, but we forked out regular chow, and THAT impressed her a lot:

She's awfully thin in these early photos. A regular diet has put a little more weight on her but she's still a great mouser!

She loves to be on the roof.

Catching a little February morning sun out on the deck. She's got her wooly winter coat on in this photo.

Doing what she does best. She's an incredibly efficient rodent hunter.

The Others:

Mr.Maxwell (Max, The Moe-Man, Fuzzy Boy)

Torbella Faye (Bella, DevilPuss)

Tiger Lily (Tilly, Punkin, Bitchy Cat)