We Love Cats

Yep, we love cats. They are fun, entertaining, and they keep your lap warm on a chilly day.

We currently have four:
Maxwell (Max, The Moe-man)
Torbella Faye (Bella, DevilPuss)
Tiger Lily (Tilly, Punkin)
Gracie (Grey Sheep, The Verminator)

Here's some more photos of Tilly and Bella (Faye) when we first got them:
Fresh ones

One of the warning symptoms that your cats might be spoiled is when they have a built in floor to ceiling cat tree.
Scratching Post

Everybody loves a fresh tree branch to play in. Just drop it on the floor and let the fun begin.
Olive Branch

Cat Grass! Every indoor cat should have access to a little grass to munch on. Ours have a micro-lawn!.
Cat Grass

Sophia left us in June, 2005. We still miss her. She was one of the best friends I've ever had. What a great cat...
Here's some of her pages:
Sophia Gets her SubQ's
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